CNA – The Perfect Job for Students in Nursing School

Nursing school is no easy course of training. It requires patience, persistence, and lots of study. However, as many students know, going to school can be time consuming and expensive; leaving little time for full time employment and little cash for rainy days. If one’ aspirations are to be a nurse, then nursing school is the place to go. To help pay for school and living expenses, nursing school students are often encouraged to apply for positions as CNAs at local hospitals and clinics. Holding such a position while attending nursing school can have benefits like:

CNA - The Perfect Job for Students in Nursing School

Real World Experience – No classroom can prepare a student for the real world; the world where mistakes are rarely forgiven and expert knowledge is gained. Fulfilling the duties of a CNa will give the nursing student real experience working with real physicians, nurses, and patients.

Cash Paid – Every student wants to be able to earn cash while they learn; and being a CNA is one of the best ways to do that for nursing students. Use the cash earned as a CNA to finance nursing school semesters, school books, housing, meals, and more.

Foot in the Door – After nursing school, the nursing school graduate will probably want to head right into the workforce. With the experience as a CNA under their belts, former nursing school students can gain experiential preference during the hiring process by going back to the hospital or clinic where they worked as a CNA and applying for the more advanced position.

No Student Loans – It’s no lie that any kind of advanced academic training can run up quite the bill for the student. Nursing school can be so expensive that many new nurses will actually have to work to pay back their student loans after they’ve graduated. A great way to put a huge dent in the amount of educational loans that have to be paid back after graduation is by working as a CNA during nursing school. As money is earned as a CNA, a portion of the cash can be used to begin paying back student loans or set aside in a savings account for that specific purpose.

Is it necessary to work as a CNA before working as a nurse? Of course not, but the benefits that a person can experience by doing so can have major positive influences in the direction that a person’s nursing career can take. Those who are serious about the medical industry and working as a nurse can lose nothing but gain everything by working as a CNA before becoming a full fledged nurse.

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